Venture Capital or Initial Coin Offering: B2B Startup Solution

4IRE labs webinar
July 10, 2018 - EST 11 am - GMT 3 pm
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You spend much time and efforts researching the fundraising opportunities. Why not just take a break and let finance experts talk?
Strategy matters.
Venture funders will give you nothing if your papers aren't alright or your plan isn't clear enough. That said, they are capable of a whole lot more then crypto investment enthusiasts if you do comply with the formalities - consulting, connections, audit, reputation, you get plainly everything a startup may possibly need.

With crowdfunding, on the other hand, you're likely to raise more cash with no need to share the profits of your potentially successful enterprise in the future. But don't expect any help - soft, marketing campaign, website and a dozen of other things are all up to you.

Either are proven techniques and one will certainly work for you. The question is which one. The question we're aiming to answer.

Scott Douglas
CEO at Crypto Improvement Fund
Expert in: Blockchain | Marketing & Sales | Fintech | Growth Strategy | SaaS | Consulting
  • Goals analysis
  • Target audience
  • VC promises against ICO opportunities
  • PR
  • Common technical and marketing obstacles
Mark Turrell
CEO at Vork & Orcasci
WEF YGL & Tech Pioneer | Author of the "Scaling'"
  • What do venture funders want?
  • VC features; pros and cons
  • Existing funding models
  • Interest of VC providers
  • Intricacies
Helen Petrashchuk
CMO at 4IRE labs | Entrepreneur | Expert in Finance & Crypto
  • Current market tendency
  • Fundraising from the B2B perspective
  • Conclusive analysis